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Welcome to the Institute for Swedenborg Studies at Bryn Athyn College. Here you will be able to enroll in our free online curriculum, learn about our Master of Arts in Religious Studies program and other academic programs, find access to resources for Swedenborg studies, get information about events, and check out our membership.

Emanuel Swedenborg’s theology, with its vision for a new Christianity, has profoundly shaped the thought of countless individuals, from William Blake to Helen Keller. We invite you to explore the impact of Swedenborg’s thought and to share your own journey of discovery.

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Call for Papers

Conference Topic: Thought from the Understanding: Swedenborg’s Library and the Shape of a Mind
Location: Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania (optional remote attendance)
Dates: October 26-27, 2024

This two-day interdisciplinary conference invites scholars to explore Emanuel Swedenborg’s personal library for points of connection between the works he held in his library and the ideas presented in his own philosophical and theological works. Long before he embarked on the spiritual journey which led to the revolutionary works of theology he published, Swedenborg was a voracious learner, and his many fields of interest are reflected in his wide-ranging library, which included works of philosophy, anatomy, history, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, engineering, and classical learning, as well as, of course, Biblical and religious thought.

The Institute for Swedenborg Studies is seeking papers that investigate the ways in which a text or set of texts in Swedenborg’s library may have influenced his understanding or helped to shape the thought set forth in his theological and philosophical works. In some cases, Swedenborg may have built on ideas he encountered in other works; in other cases, he may have reacted against concepts in those texts.

Scholars may wish to make particular use of two resources made available by the Institute. The first is a detailed list of the great majority of the works known to have existed in Swedenborg’s library, catalogued according to Library of Congress classifications, along with links to copies of these works held in the Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania and, wherever possible, links to copies available on Google Books. The second is an index, with notes, of the authors and other figures Swedenborg references in his pre-theological works. In addition, we recommend to scholarly attention the appendix on Swedenborg’s library in Lars Bergquist’s Swedenborg’s Secret.

Proposals of 150-350 words should be submitted to the Institute, Please include identifying information (name, email address, and institutional affiliation, if any). Papers should last 15-20 minutes, and will be followed by a 10 minute period for questions and discussion. Participants may attend the conference in person or remotely.

Submission deadline: January 8, 2024



The mission of the Institute for Swedenborg Studies is to engage a wide variety of audiences with the study of Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedenborgian theology, and the impact of both; and to encourage such study in forms that can effectively be promoted and facilitated within and via Bryn Athyn College.


Who can join? Institute membership is open to anyone interested in the study of Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedenborgian theology, and the impact of both.

Benefits of membership: The Institute’s membership program exists to facilitate a community of those interested in delving into Swedenborg and Swedenborgian scholarship. Member benefits include:

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Our dream is to provide funding to support members’ Swedenborg scholarship… stay tuned!

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